Mount Pleasant Estates is the official wine partner of Artificer Wood Works. The sole purpose of this site is give you the opportunity to add award winning wine to your wine box gift and have it shipped together.

The Winery

Mount Pleasant Estates Wedding at VinyardLocated in the heart of the Augusta Appellation wine district, Mount Pleasant Estates was established in 1859. The winery grows 16 grape varieties on 85 acres and the original cellars are still used to age the “estate bottled” wines as well as their international award winning Ports.


The Estate Collection

One of the more rare terms is “estate bottled,” which means that Mount Pleasant owns or controls 100 percent of the grapes that went into the bottle, and the wine was crushed, fermented, finished, aged and bottled at Mount Pleasant, which is located in the same viticultural area that’s stated on the label. 



Awards & Ratings


Cabernet Sauvignon American NV: 82 points
Vignoles Missouri: 82 points
American Villagio NV: 82 points
Merlot America NV: 83 points
Norton Missouri: 85 points


Cabernet Sauvignon Augusta, Missouri NV: Gold
Rating: 90 points

Merlot Augusta, Missouri NV: Gold
2010 Midwest Wine Challenge Best Missouri Red
Rating: 92 points

Vignoles Augusta, Missouri: Gold
2010 Midwest Wine Challenge Best Missouri White
Rating: 91 points

Villagio Augusta, Missouri: Silver
Rating: 89 points

Norton Augusta, Missouri NV: Gold
2010 Midwest Wine Challenge Best Norton
Rating: 91 points